We will show you the most beautiful corners of Ireland.

The West may be the Best, but the North holds the mysteries and history of yesterday year, and the East holds the warmth of the Irish People in its Dublin heart.

At ‘Patrick,’ we are adults. We remember good old-fashioned service and respect. You will be traveling with other mature adults! 

You are treated with the respect you deserve at ‘Patrick’s Custom Tours.’

With other tour companies, your bus (Coach) usually leaves your hotel at 8 am! To be on time to catch your coach, you have to be up, washed, and dressed for breakfast by 5 am!

On a ‘Patrick’s Tour,’ the bus almost never leaves before 10 am! Giving you time to Shave, Shower, and Shine before breakfast. Many times you will sit with a coffee after breakfast as you wave so long to other tour travelers. We understand that it’s your vacation, and we won’t rush you!

On a ‘Patrick’s Tour,’ you will usually stay at the same hotel for two or more nights. Giving you time to relax and unpack your suitcase. Our hotels are close to where you will want to visit.

And ‘Patrick’s guides’ are with you while on the tour.

Many other tour companies start their tour at a hotel in the first port of call! At ‘Patrick’s Tours,’ we meet and greet you at the Airport, Coming and Going.

There are many other reasons to choose ‘Patrick’s Custom Tours.’ Please view our tours or call me directly for any questions you might still have. My number is at the top left of this page.


Patrick Rowley

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