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Pat & Anne

Your name on this form MUST exactly match what is on your passport. If you use your middle name on your passport you MUST also use your middle name on this form. If you use your middle initials on your passport you must use it on this form. If your legal name is John Quincy Adams but on your passport, your name appears as John Adams, you must enter John Adams as it appears on your Passport.

If a person would have their airplane tickets issued with an incorrect name due to the mistake it could result in a charge of $100 to change the name or worst case if not caught in time it could be cause for not being allowed to board the airplane.  

Example; If my passport had my Name as Patrick Matthew Rowley and I put P. M. Rowley on this form, I could not board a plane to London! The solution is easy, Have your passport in front of you when filling out this form. If you can't put your hands on your passport right now, you should fill out the form below and put a Question Mark behind your name. If there is a Question mark, I won't order your airplane ticket until after I hear from you, but I will save your place on the tour. If you have a question, call me at 1-443-742-9021.

P.M. Rowley?

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2024 Best of Britain 

JULY 20th - JULY 30th 

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