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  • Fisherman's Blues4:14
  • Let the Draw Begin4:01
  • Michael's Ride3:23
  • The Ballad of Ned Devine/The Witches Reel5:25
  • The Parting Glass6:12
  • The Tullymore Polka/The Witch, the Fiddle and the Phonebox4:56
  • Track 062:47
  • The Parting Glass5:35
  • The Tullymore Polka/The Witch, the Fiddle and the Phonebox4:56
  • The Parting Glass5:35
  • The Parting Glass6:12
  • The Ballad of Ned Devine/The Witches Reel5:25
  • Michael's Ride3:23
  • Let the Draw Begin4:01
  • Fisherman's Blues4:14

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​Words of wisdom from the old guy (at Patrick's Tours)

​We are all anxious to get out of our homes and began to travel again.  We look forward to the return of normalcy.
The management and staff of 'Patrick's Custom Tours' are committed to your safety. We are committed to 
providing you with safe,

secure, comfortable, travel. We are dedicated to your having a safe and enjoyable tour of Ireland. We want you to be able to mingle

with Irishmen and share their stories over a pint without the worries or fear of the corona virus.

We will not run a tour that has unnecessary government restrictions (Ireland’s or America’s restrictions) on 
our travelers. We have

canceled two of our 2021 tours to Ireland and have postponed other tours to accommodate your safety and comfort.

When we are looking at the corona virus in our rearview windows it may well be too late to book rooms in Ireland! Wonderful hotels in

Ireland are already notifying us of the shortage of space for the 3rd quarter of 2021 and beyond!  The world has cabin fever. They are tired of staring at the same walls! The travel
​industry is positioned to take on great numbers of tourist in 2021 and 2022. On 2/22/2021 the T.S.A. announced the hiring of 5,000 new T.S.A. agents in anticipation of the increase in travel. 
If you are interested in touring Ireland, don’t wait to register. Act now to secure your acceptance. You can be confident that ‘Patrick’s Custom Tours’ will act in your best interest.

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