​​​1) ​​​​​​​​We do all the necessary Paper Work.
2) We Supply informative 'Tour Flyers'.  Personalized with     
     your Group's Name and Logo.
​3) We produce an easy to follow online and hard copy Registration Form.
4) We accurately and accurately respond to all your Traveler's questions.
5) We collect and distribute all deposits and payments.
6) We give you weekly progress reports by email.
7) We contract & coordinate bus service in the States. 
​    i.e. If we leave from Philadelphia Airport we'll arrange the bus.
8) We contract & coordinate bus (Coach) in Ireland.
9) We keep you and your travelers updated on FAA and TSA rules.
​10) We produce a webpage just for your group's Tour.
11) We guarantee the tour with 12 paying travelers.
12) We guarantee the Tour cost per person in U.S. Dollars.
​13) Last but not least, We are the only tour company in the N.E United States that represent, "Rebate Ireland". Rebate Ireland was formerly known as "The British Isles Rebate Program"!

Click HERE for a history of "Rebate Ireland", and how it could help your group!

Why Groups Use

Patrick's Custom Tours?

Because We: