Patrick’s Custom Tours and Travel Agents

PCT (Patrick’s Custom Tours) is one of America's largest Ireland tour companies. We have arranged more tours to Ireland for more people than most other companies. In addition we represent CIE tours and utilize their services when needed.

If you’re a travel agent you most likely found this website from a referral from another travel agent active with PCT tours. We do not advertise to travel agents. Our executive committee decided on a marketing strategy years ago that was inclusive of travel agents without segregating our not for profit organizations.

Inasmuch, we are happy to work with you the travel agent and protect you and your business. On a select basis we will share access to "The British Isles Rebate Program".

If you have a group;
That has special requests that are not fulfilled by cookie cutter solutions.
A group with time restraints or unrealistic distances between sights in Ireland.
If you want to supply your group with a tour that offers maximum enjoyment for the best price and with the least amount of problems, then you should be offering a Patrick’s custom tour.

Our tour directors will work with you to diplomatically achieve the results you want in a discreet way. Or we could bring in the full force of CIE.

Send the form below. We’ll usually get back to you within 24 hours.
If you are in a hurry call us 443-742-9021 we are always happy to chat.