You have been referred to our Company by T.I.G.R.P. “The ‘Tourism Ireland’ Group Rebate Program "
My mission is to inform you about the program.

The following is a history and some useful facts about the program.
We questioned Irish business owners, “What would you put as a monetary value on bringing 20 to 50 American tourists into your business on a given evening?” Second question was, “Would you be willing to make a donation in the form of a rebate to a group that we bring in your door?”

In November 2001, we started getting single paragraph agreements signed by publicans’. We now have hundreds of Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels, and Coach Companies contracted in Ireland and a few in Scotland. (As of the date of this writing, we have 232 signed agreements.)

The rebates are looked at as an advertising cost. But for the Irish Businessman its advertising that has guaranteed results. Like most advertising it's paid for in advance! Which means you get their donations before your group boards the plane in this country.

This is a new way for your group to profit from a tour to Ireland. Without raising the cost per person.

The old way to have a tour was to call a travel agent. That Travel Agent would call a ‘Tour Company’ and get a price for the group per person. The Base price!

The Travel Agent would then add on their profit percentage.
And quote the total to your organization as the cost per person!

The Tour Company makes a small profit.
The Travel Agent makes a percentage on top of that.
Resulting in your cost per person.

A Travel Agent may offer a free tour that, "You Can Sell" to make money! 
With this old way of doing group tours, the only large profit option was to add another per person dollar amount on top of the Travel Agent’s Cost Per Person or Ticket Price. Often making the tour overpriced.
The New Way,
With "The Tourism Ireland Group Rebate Program", the Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, and Shows in Ireland make a donation to your non-profit organization based on the advertising & promotional savings percentage. 

Your organization will receive $4,000 with as little as 20 travelers and as much as $12,000 with 40 travelers! Without adding anything to your competitive tours rates.

Use the registration form to reply, for a no obligation conversation with one of our certified tour companies. Or call our Dublin number for a quicker response.

Find out if The Tourism Ireland Rebate Program is right for your group.

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Thank You,

Patrick M. Rowley