​​​​​​​It started with a penny a pint!
When my wife and I owned an Irish pub and restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland I used to have several nights a year where we would offer beer at a penny for a pint. Many of our customers thought I was crazy. Some of our competitors thought I was foolish or worse.

There were rules, Like;
No more that 20 pints per person. You can’t put a roll of pennies on the bar and order 50 beers.
No change was made. You could only pay with pennies. Keep your paper money and coins in your pocket.
You weren’t allowed to buy a round for the house! If you want to be a big shot do that when it’s full price.
No tipping the help! Again, if you want to act like a big shot do that when it’s full price. Keep your pennies.
All draft beer was included. Wine, Liquor and bottle Beer was excluded.
There was a start time and a finish time. When the clock ran out the next drink was full price.
You had to be of legal drinking age to participate

A lot of people talked about it. Most thought it was a publicly stunt.

At a penny a beer, we made money!
We averaged about 60 people at each ‘Penny-a-Pint’. And we sold about 135 pints at one cent each.
A keg of Guinness produced about 105 16oz pints and cost $143! A keg of Miller Lite was 124 pints and
Cost $79.00. Our average cost of beer was less than $124. 

People that showed up for the penny beer ate and some drank more than beer. Each night when Penny-a-Pint ended
a large number of people stayed and continued to have fun at full price.

For an expenditure of $124 we got a lot of word of mouth advertising and a crowd of 60 plus people that stayed and drank all night.

"The British Isles Rebate Program" was born

While visiting Ireland in 2001, I came up with an idea that would promote local Irish business. With my background in the pub and restaurant business it became apparent that some of the same promotional techniques would work in Ireland.

I knew what Penny-a-Pint produced in revenue. So I questioned Irish business owners, “What would you put as a monetary value of ‘Patrick’s Custom Tours’ bringing 20 to 50 tourists into your business on a given evening?” Second question was, “Would you be willing to make a donation to the group that we bring in your door?” In November 2001, I started getting single paragraph agreements signed by publicans’. We now have hundreds of Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels, and Coach Companies contracted in Ireland and a few in Scotland. (As of the date of this writing, we have 232 signed agreements.)

The donations are looked at as an advertising cost. But for the Irish Businessman its advertising that has guaranteed results. Like most advertising it's paid for in advance! Which means you get their donations before your group boards the plane in this country.

This is a new wayfor your organization to profit from a tour to Ireland. Without raising the cost per person.

The old way to have a tour was to call a travel agent. That Travel Agent would call a ‘Tour Company’ like CIE or us and get a price for the group per person. The Base price!

The Travel Agent would then add on their profit percentage.

And quote the total to your organization as the cost per person!

The Tour Company makes a small profit.
The Travel Agent makes a percentage on top of that.

Resulting in your cost per person.

The Travel Agent may offer a free tour that, "You Can Sell" to make money! 
With this old way of doing group tours, the only large profit option was to add another per person dollar amount on top of the Travel Agent’s Cost Per Person or Ticket Price. Often making the tour overpriced.

The New Way,
With "The British Isles Rebate Program", the Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, and Shows in Ireland make a donation to your non-profit organization based on the advertising & promotional savings percentage. 

Your organization will receive $4,000 with as little as 20 travelers and as much as $12,000 with 40 travelers! Without adding anything to our already competitive tours rates.

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