$3,799.00 the Adult Full Package including Airfare, Option One: 
This package includes roundtrip airfare. Submit the form from the next page and a Deposit of $499.00 Per Person to assure your registration. The balance of $3,300 is due on or before Saturday, May 1st, 2021. 

$3,250.00 the Adult Land Only Package, Option Two: There is NO AIRFARE with this package! You can book your flight online. We will supply you with information on where and when to meet in Ireland. 
Submit the form from the next page and a Deposit of $399. Per Person. The balance of $2,695 is due on or before Saturday, May 1st, 2021.  

A child under age 19, Full Package, Option One: For the Full Package that includes the round trip airfare: Submit the form from the next page a Deposit of $350. Per Child. The balance of $3,052 is due on or before Saturday, May 1st, 2021.

For a child under age 19, Land Only, Option Two: Submit the form from the next page and a Deposit of $250.00 Per Person to assure your registration. The balance of $2,448 is due on or before Saturday, May 1st, 2021, With this option you can use your frequent flyer miles. You can shop online and book your own flight. We will supply you with the information on where and when to meet in Ireland.

$986 Single Room: (AKA Single Supplement) If you are not going to share a room with a friend, add an additional deposit of $300.00. The $686 balance is due or before Saturday, May 1st, 2021. Single Supplements (single rooms) are limited in number. Single Supplements are on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Cancellation: You may cancel your participation in this tour for a full refund of your deposit at any time prior to Friday, April 1st, 2021. Cancellations must be in writing and received by US mail at our office, 2201 Kentucky Ave. Baltimore, MD 21213 on or before Friday, April 2nd, 2021. 
Travel Insurance: Although Travel Insurance is not required it is highly recommended. Ask your local Insurance Agent for advice and guidance. Several travelers have spoken highly about Triple-A and Square Mouth! You can choose from 22 Travel Policies online at https://www.squaremouth.com/ click here. 

Make Payments to:
Make checks payable to: ‘Patrick’s Custom Tours’ send or deliver your check to Patrick’s Custom Tours, 2201 Kentucky Ave., Baltimore, MD. 21213-1011

We can accept your Visa, MasterCard, American Express* or Discover Card if you agree to cover our processing fee of 4%. That’s $4.00 per $100 charged. *American Express is currently at 5%. We prefer that you not use a credit card. The form on the next page asks what method of payment you prefer to use. No internet site is 100% safe. For your security, we'll wait for your check to arrive in the mail. 

Cost Terms and Deadlines

Join us by filling out the registration form on the next page! 

Questions: Talk to Anne at Patrick’s Custom Tours, 443-742-9021

Things Not Included in this Tour.
1) Lunch is not included in this package except where designated. Many people find the full Irish breakfast so filling they
eat little or no lunch. Not to worry, we are always close to a pub for pub grub!  
2) Alcoholic Drinks are not included except where designated.
3) Travel Insurance is not included in this package. Travel Insurance is not required but it is highly recommended. 
We suggest you call your independent Agent or search online for the best coverage and price. Due to many questions regarding liability, we do not recommend one Travel Insurance Company.  Several travelers have spoken highly about Triple-A

and Square Mouth! You can choose from 22 Travel Policies on line at https://www.squaremouth.com/ click here. 

Deposits and Deadlines:


2021 Saints & Sights of Ireland Tour.

These prices can change without notice.  Book Early. We expect a 15% increase in January or February of 2020. Patrick's Custom Tours Guarantees the Price of this tour once an individual’s deposit is made.

Adult, Option One.  Full Package Per Adult double occupancy. 
$3,799 Option One: Full Package including Airfare from any East Coast City North of Washington DC.  

Adult, Option Two, Land Only.

$3,250 Per Adult Double Occupancy, if you book your own Airfare.
Option Two: Land only book your own airfare and meet the group in Ireland: $3,250. Per Adult Double Occupancy. Some people prefer to arrange their own flights. Either to extend their visit or to use frequent flyer miles. This option makes the tour flexible and manageable. 

ChildOption One,  Full Package Including Airfare.  
$3,402 Child Option. For a child traveling with a registered adult. Airfare is included. Children must be under age 19 at the time of travel. Yes, an 18-year-old is still a child. 
 Child Option Two, Land Only.  
$2,698 Child Option. For a child traveling with a registered adult.  Airfare NOT included. Book your own airfare.  Children must be age 18 or under at the time of travel.  

$986 Single Room

Not Sharing a Room? Add $986 to You Choice Above.
Single Supplement: Just $986.00 and they are limited in number. Single Supplements are on a first come first served basis. Single Supplement, means a private room, a room without a roommate. All other rooms require you to have a roommate. (book early!)