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  • Fisherman's Blues4:14
  • Let the Draw Begin4:01
  • Michael's Ride3:23
  • The Ballad of Ned Devine/The Witches Reel5:25
  • The Parting Glass6:12
  • The Tullymore Polka/The Witch, the Fiddle and the Phonebox4:56
  • Track 062:47
  • The Parting Glass5:35
  • The Tullymore Polka/The Witch, the Fiddle and the Phonebox4:56
  • The Parting Glass5:35
  • The Parting Glass6:12
  • The Ballad of Ned Devine/The Witches Reel5:25
  • Michael's Ride3:23
  • Let the Draw Begin4:01
  • Fisherman's Blues4:14

'1A' A Sample Group Tour 14 Days $186.50 PP sharing, per day land. Total $3,397 with Air from NE USA! Click Here to see what is included.

Music On & Off

St. Anna's Tour with Fr. Dan 14 Days June 22rd - July 5th $186 PP sharing, per day land. Total $3,698 with Air from Atlanta! Click Here to see more.

St. Francis of Assisi Tour 12 Days October 8th - October 19th $200.34 PP sharing, per day land. Total $3,281 with Air! Click Here to see the tour.

Ireland's Fall Fun Fest 12 Days September 26th - October 7th $207.347 PP sharing, per day land. Total $3,199 with Air!

Our available 2019 Tours

This page offers a quick look at our 2018 and 2019 schedule. 

and 7 reasons to travel Ireland with us.

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7 Reasons, 'Patrick’s is Different'!

If you are looking for a Tour to Ireland here are some facts:
1st 'Patrick's Custom Tours' plan our tours and set our dates years in advance. Each tour is special, we are proud of each. We don't do "Cookie Cutter Tours" like most Tour Companies. The extras are important to you and us. We take the time and effort to make sure your tour of Ireland is full of fond memories. Sometime a person has to fit their vacation time into our schedule. Those that do, have found it is worth it!

2nd 'Patrick's Custom Tours' will not have the most inexpensive tours on the internet. If cost was the only consideration, everyone would be living in tents.

3rd At 'Patrick's Custom Tours' we don’t have the most expensive tours. We give a fair value and always try to under promise and over deliver. Our hotels are superior 3 and 4 star hotels. Our evening meals are 3 courses with a concern for quality not quantity. Our tours are priced right for a fortune 500 company executive and the cop walking the beet. Many of whom are repeat customers.

4th 'Patrick's Custom Tours' is not the biggest Tour Company. If biggest was best you would have married the largest person you knew. We have been organizing tours to Ireland (and occasionally Scotland) for close to 18 years. We bring that experience and that expertise to every tour.

5th RESPECT we understand everyone’s need to be treated with respect. On a 'Patrick's Custom Tour' you are never rushed or moved along like the herd!

6th 'Patrick's Custom Tours' promises to include more activities, events and locations than any other Tour Company. Look at what we include in any of our tours and prove it to yourself.

7th 'Patrick's Custom Tours' meets your search for information and knowledge. Some of the best and most informed guides and coach drivers in Ireland work with us. Questions on ancient Ireland and 20th century Irish Politics are freely discussed. 


'Patrick's Custom Tours' is a group tour company based in Baltimore, Maryland. Patrick's has licensed representatives in 12 states. 

Patrick's Custom Tours is known for its tours of Ireland that never disappoint! 

Patrick's Custom Tours will help you plan an unforgettable group tour. 

Planning a tour is time consuming, but with our knowledgeable staff, all you'll need to plan is your wardrobe (and we will help you with that!). 

For the last seventeen years, we have developed and planned guided trips to Ireland which offer more than the typical sights and itinerary. Many people go to Ireland and come home with a limited view of the people and places. Most Americans who have done a tour of Ireland will tell you that they, "kissed the Blarney Stone, saw the Cliffs of Mohr and did the Ring of Kerry". ​

We want you to see and experience the Ireland most tourists don't.

Sometime other tour companies give you the name of a hotel where they will meet you. We are either on the plane with you or we met you at the airport!

We can handle your full package including airfare.

If you wish you can join us in Dublin, we will make arrangements to have you picked-up at the Dublin Airport. The group will arrive in Dublin in the morning. We can meet you at the Dublin Airport at; 10:30am, 11:30am or at 12:30pm. If your flight arrives earlier that ours we’ll pay for your coffee while we wait. If we arrive first, we’ll be there to meet you.

Other tour companies want you up by 6am. So you can; shower, get dressed, pack, eat, etc. and be on the coach to depart at 8am everyday!

We don’t rush you. We never leave our hotel before 9:00 am. Most days we leave at 10:00 am. If another tour company is staying at the same hotel our travelers are usually relaxed having their second cup of coffee while watching others race to catch their bus. We don’t rush you.

You are never alone! You’ll tour Ireland with us, not looking for us! We provide personal, not corporate guided tours.

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